Class overview

Database bazaar


CDatabase simplifies the access to the palm data manager with the Standard Template Library philosophy. CDatabase uses CPackedRecord and its derived classes as template argument parameter.

Current state: in development


CPackedRecord is a record class which unpacks a whole record. This class is compatible to CDatabase. To simplify the process of defining a record, macros desribe the data scheme of the record.

Current state: in development

BuildIn application record types

Five derived classes of CPackedRecord describe the record format of the BuildIn applications: CMailRecord (Mail application), CMemoRecord (Memo application), CToDoRecord (Task application), CExpenseRecord (Expense application) and CApptRecord (Calendar application).

Current state: in development

Network bazaar

CClientSocket and CClientSocketException

CClientSocket simplifies the access to the TCP/IP network via Infrared.

Current state: Unstable

CClientIMAPSocket and CIMAPSocketException

CClientIMAPSocket is a fundament implementation to different IMAP commands.

Current state: Unstable

IIMAPCommand and CIMAPResponseParser

IIMAPCommand abstracts the IMAP command implementations. CIMAPResponseParser parses the result of an IMAP command. These commands are currently implemented: CIMAPLogoutCommand, CIMAPLoginCommand, CIMAPSelectCommand, CIMAPExamineCommand, CIMAPCloseCommand, CIMAPSearchCommand, CIMAPFetchEnvelopeCommand, CIMAPFetchBodyCommand, CIMAPFetchDataCommand.

Current state: in development.

User interface bazaar


CDump writes output to a edit field. It also supports a scrollbar. CDump can be used to log function calls and look at that results.

Current state: stable


CListbox abstracts a listbox control. This user interface component controls its representation through Standard Template Library containers.

Current state: unstable

Labeled text package

This package draws text and its labels to the palm screen. It wordwraps long text to the next line and preserves the label indent for those lines. The client simply writes an adaptor which gets the labels and their text from record and resource.

Current state: unstable